EMC2 Alert Boxes make a great way to notify your visitors of anything!


EMC2 Alert Boxes uses jQuery and HTML5 animations to provide a great-looking, simple and functional alerting system. Alert boxes can be placed using the [ emc2alert] shortcode or by calling the $().emc2alert() jQuery function!

Easy to use! Insert a shortcode on any page using a quick-create TinyMCE icon, or create alerts on the fly using jQuery:

Shortcode: [ emc2alert]This is some text![/emc2alert]
Looks like this:

This is some text!

jQuery: $('body').emc2alert({ text:"This is some text!" });

Advanced Usage

[ emc2alert type="success" style="normal" width="300px" position="top" wpbar="auto" visible="visible" closebtn="1" title="Introducing..." animate="true"]A great way to alert your visitors![/emc2alert]


A great way to alert your visitors!


  • type: “info” – “success”, “warning”, “error” also available
  • style: NULL – “normal” displays as block at shortcode location, or “fixed” for top or bottom of page
  • width: NULL – accepts position with units, ie “300px”, “100%” or “5em”
  • position: “top” – If style=”fixed”, position can be set to top or “bottom” of page
  • wpbar: “auto” – Auto-detects WP Admin Bar. Can be set to TRUE or FALSE as well to set compensation.
  • visible: TRUE – Set to FALSE to hide
  • closebtn: FALSE – Set to TRUE to add a close button to the box
  • title: “Alert Title” – Box title
  • animate: FALSE – Set to TRUE to enable slideUp() and slideDown() jQuery animations on open and close!


`$('body').emc2alert({ // Prepends Alert Box to 'body' element title: "Your Title", // or $('myTitleDiv').html() text: "Your Message", // or $('myMsgDiv').html() type: "info", // 'info', 'warning', 'error', 'success' - determines bg colors style: "normal", // 'normal', 'fixed' - in page or fixed to top or bottom visible: true, // true, false - hides if necessary position: "top", // 'top', 'bottom' - positions box on page width: null, // '100%', '960px' - specify units closebtn: false, // true, false - displays close button in corner wpbar: false, // true, false, 'auto' - adds top margin to avoid admin bar, with auto-detect animate: false // true, false - adds open/close animation });` 

Check the demo at http://alert.emc2innovation.com !

To Do list:

  • Add _animate_ argument to TinyMCE shortcode generator
  • Add custom class field to shortcode
  • Add a settings page
  • Make plugin child-theme compatible
  • Add !important styles to CSS

Known bugs:



You’re looking at the EMC2 Alert Boxes demo website. Read on!


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